Kurrently Unaveylabol…(Unplugging) 


In support of the post titled Unplugging by HartHelps, I decided to write my own. The author struck close to my heart with this topic.

With our lives revolving more and more around technology and becoming reliant on it. I find myself wishing at times that we could slow down. While phones, computers etc have made it possible to stay connected. I personally find myself frustrated when emails/texts/notifications endlessly flood my screen. I don’t hate communication but I also need down time; to think, meditate or simply read a book, be quiet and recoup.

Being an extroverted introvert I can function socially, but, more often than not I need time to be alone. I’m often told off for not having my phone or being unavailable. However, it is just a matter of preference that I not always be slave to my gadgets. Now, I make it a habit to have a no phone day at least once a week; its necessary to unplug.

We must not hold each other hostage to the obligation of round the clock communication (if only for the reason we’ll fast run out of things to talk about… think about it ;).


9 thoughts on “Kurrently Unaveylabol…(Unplugging) 

  1. “We mustn’t hold each other hostage to the obligation of round the clock communication. . ” so true! Thanks for sharing this. So important to be reminded to unplug and detox from technology. Very helpful posts. Keep up the great work.

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  2. This is a great perspective. Your idea of “Extroverted Introvert” gives me an idea for a blog post.

    And I agree that just because we “can” be in constant communication, that does not necessarily make it prudent.

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