First of all…Introductions

Biology Vs Humans

I am a lady in my 20s. 1 of two children. I’m a Gemini. Out-doorsy, sporty sort of girl, who has a special skill of disappearing here and there to finish a novel in a day (if it’s that good) or watch marathon TV. 

I try to stay healthy, respect my elders but curse a mean streak at bad drivers of all ages on any given day. I have a love for all things foreign ;). My idea of relaxation oft includes a good drink in a far away place.

I’m more often than not a liberal, but will wage war for gender equality all day- everyday 🙂 – a feminist some might say. Christian is also another identity of mine, along with psychologist by education. 

I’m blogging  because I find it easy to express myself through words & I wanted to Ink my Thoughts & share some of me with the world (bloggersphere). What you may find also is a bag of contradictions.

You’ll get to know me better as the posts roll in.


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