EiDid-eat !

Last week my mother invited our family to fast in solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters whose period of Ramadan was coming to a close. The fast began on Friday 22 May 2020 at about 3.00am and ended at 9.09pm (for the region we were in).

I’m so grateful to my mother for the invite; for the first time in my life I successfully fasted. I had fasted before and spent a dedicated amount of time without food, but my heart and mind had not been fully aligned to the act or sacrifice and in retrospect, my attempts where fine at the time but now Continue reading EiDid-eat !

Maintaining me…(‘what next’)

I read a post recently based on a poem from the book/ movie ‘For coloured girls’. The post spoke about a poem delivered by the character ‘Juanita’ which has the line “somebody almost walked off with all of my stuff….” which I understand to mean that there was an attempt to take (without permission ) Juanita’s ‘something’; given the context of the poem perhaps it was her peace, happiness, laughter, identity, thoughts, freedom, self-determination, confidence, heart, self esteem…

I’d read the book and watched the movie, however, when I read the post and the take on Juanita’s poem, I was prompted to think about what happens after someone almost walks off with all of your stuff. What comes next when you’re left clutching “your stuff” but needing to recover from the incident?

The same day that I read this post, I also read Continue reading Maintaining me…(‘what next’)

Clean up on aisle ‘relationship’

At an event I attended last year, there was a wise lady (call her Lala) who spoke a word of advice that resonated with me. Lala started out by noting that every individual is different (how we think, how we’re raised, how we function, what we value, the list goes on) her point was that with so many difference between us there is plenty of opportunity for  conflict. In most relationships conflict is unavoidable, however, the main thing is to learn how to positively manage it.

Lala explained how when conflict occurs its like Continue reading Clean up on aisle ‘relationship’


65EAA8BA-B9B0-4EE9-85B9-F0E7A0AAFC21 I listened to a lady (we’ll call her Susie) talking about her sister’s battle with cancer and the journey they took together. Susie talked about their relationship which was one of love, jealousy, friendship, sisterhood and more. Over time, Susie’s relationship with her sister had become distant and shallow, they were less open and honest with each other about their emotions, thoughts and opinions… Susie spoke about how relationships sometimes change to a point where people no longer truly express themselves to one another, to important loved ones. How people no longer seek to offer truth and hear it back allowing for Continue reading De-layered…